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Response to Jess’s post here because WordPress decided a comment simply wouldn’t do.


While I can see where you and the article are coming from (my aunt likes to post happy happenings every five minutes), most of my newsfeed doesn’t exactly qualify as the feel-good family feed of the year.  Many of the people I am friends with usually post the negative current events that are going on.


One incident that stands out in my mind between two social media platforms was the birth of Prince George a while back.  On Facebook, a lot of people were celebrating his birth and posting pictures of Kate and Wills holding their new bundle of joy when they finally released images to the press.


On Tumblr, however, a lot of people who posted about the birth of the prince were berated by various users who believed that the birth wasn’t newsworthy and that the people who weren’t blogging about the radiation leaking into the ocean in Japan were vapid and wasting their time on unworthy news.  The people talking about the prince, however, were trying to not think about the way that the world is falling apart around us and just being happy that something good had happened.


So I’m still unsure as to whether or not social media news is less harsh than regular news, but I’ll try and check out the link you shared whenever I get sick of seeing my newsfeed filled with pessimism.


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