Response to DR’s post here.

I really liked your heuristic and I think that this is a very strong basis for our class heuristic.  Like we discussed in class, we do need to reword a couple of things but I think that, for the most part, this is a perfect heuristic.

I do think that some sort of criteria for creativity should perhaps be involved; for example, with some of the sample Concept in 60 videos, they didn’t just present the idea by saying “How Books Have Changed in 60 Seconds” or, as a more concrete example, the video about Harry Potter, she illustrated how a book becomes more than just what’s within the pages of a story.  I think we need a piece in the heuristic to measure how well the person’s choices to illustrate their concept do the trick.

I have no skills with Movie Maker whatsoever, but I can still make effective choices to illustrate my concept.  I may be misreading your heuristic but I didn’t see a criteria for measuring this.


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