Syllabus Response

Upon first reading the class syllabus, course goal number four really stood out to me.   I feel like I can already see how technology is changing what we consider texts and how we write and I am definitely interested in what this course can teach me, especially specifics in this field.  I would like to see how many new forms of writing have emerged just over the last ten years and compare how we wrote even in the past five years to how we write now.  I am still slightly anxious about the four-thousand word count. I think I am most excited about our final project, the Concept in 60 video and metanarrative.  I cannot wait to receive more information about this assignment as we get farther into the semester.

As to what I want to do, I’m not really sure.  I’m really passionate about several things and trying to narrow them down in my mind is not easy.  I think that I might look into something to do with the presentation of texts in different media in America and Europe, but I’m not sure if that’s narrow enough to get it down to one minute.  I’d love to do something with cultural differences with the way we use technology to present information.

I hope this class helps me to better understand some of the technologies that we use to publish writing and information.  Since I want to work for a magazine once I graduate (if I do not go to graduate school), I need to know these things so that my skills set is more impressive.  I would also like to know how I can be able to change with change itself; as we advance, I will probably be in a field that uses the most up-to-date technology.  I have to know these things.  I also hope that this class helps me to improve the way I write and take in information from the web; I want to start a travel blog for when I go to Europe this Christmas and I want the skills to make it as amazing as it can be.


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